Our Developer

Fiddler's Creek® Community is the vision of Aubrey Ferrao, President and CEO of Fiddler's Creek, LLC. . In 1993, when most of the region's major real estate developers were flocking to the north Naples and Bonita Springs markets, Fiddler's Creek LLC sought out prime, untapped land in south Naples and on Marco Island, with the intent to hold onto it until the time to develop was right.

The first acquisition consisted of approximately 1,300 acres that would become Fiddler's Creek®, the master-planned community that is sure to be a paradigm for future developments. The second acquisition thereafter increased the community's size to its current 3,931 acres. With completion scheduled around 2020, significant milestones thus far include the opening of a 54,000-square-foot Club & Spa in 1998, a fine dining restaurant, Caxambas® in 2001, and the Arthur Hills-designed Creek Course in February 2002. At completion, Fiddler's Creek will have in the order of 100 villages and approximately 6,000 residences.