Fiddler’s Creek Agent Shield
Realtor Participation

Welcome! Fiddler's Creek has partnered with Agent Shield to support your efforts in generating more sales.

What is Agent Shield?

Agent Shield has free web tools, email tools, and widgets that make it easy for real estate agents to market new developments, both locally and around the world. We have partnered with Agent Shield to make our website realtor-friendly.

Benefits of Agent Shield

  • Link to without the fear of losing leads
  • Increase sales by adding the Fiddler's Creek widgets to your site
  • Always have access to updated data about Fiddler's Creek
  • Maintain full control of your leads
  • Increase your website effectiveness

How Does It Work?

Our website has been developed with the Agent Shield technology which enables you to link to with a protective layer, giving you full control of your leads.

When your customer clicks on the widget from your website, they will be directed to The widget includes a link that enables a protective layer.

  • All Fiddler's Creek contact information is removed (addresses, phone numbers and driving directions)
  • All contact/guest forms are replaced with Agent Shield forms that capture the contact information and send them straight to you
  • Where possible, Agent Shield will display your name and phone number

These changes occur across all pages on

How Do I Get My Leads?

Agent Shield will send you all inbound leads from via email. You will also have access to them with your Agent Shield account.

How Do I Get Started?

First, you need an Agent Shield account. If you do not have one, click here.